Little Crow Foods
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Warsaw, IN 46581-1038


Nestled amongst some of the most productive farmland in America lies Warsaw, Indiana, home to Little Crow Foods. Little Crow Foods was founded in 1903 as a flour mill, and soon after began offering American food products that have since become part of the National fabric.

Now in the fourth generation of family ownership, we at Little Crow still believe in building long-term relationships with our consumers by providing quality, taste, and value in every package opened. For more than a century, this philosophy has worked. The legacy? Millions of Americans who grew up with our products. Millions who still love them and serve them to their families today.

Building from 1902 - 1919 Little Crow Building from 1919 - 1924
Building from 1924 - 1953 Little Crow Foods: 1954-Current
Little Crow Then Little Crow Now
Wilbur Maish, Sr. New Guy


When Wilbur Maish Sr. started Little Crow in 1903 he did it almost by accident. He was already a successful manufacturer, having formed his own company, Maish Manufacturing, seven years earlier. But when a grain-grinding mill that had stood for decades at the southwest corner of Lake and Main streets became available, he bought it and made it part of his business.


After a major fire, the Company could no longer process grain and so began selling five-pound paper sacks of pancake mix. Initiating Little Crow's legacy of value-added tradition, three dozen sacks were placed in a clothes basket. Retailers could sell the pancake mix, and receive 25-cents for the basket, while consumers received more than they bargained for!


In 1930, Little Crow developed CoCo Wheats with the belief that hot cereal could taste good, as well as be healthful eating. This belief proved to be true, as evidenced by the brand's tremendous success over the years and the loyalty demonstrated by generations of its consumers. The cereal first went by the name "Little Crow Wheat Cereal, Cocoa Coated" and became "CoCo Wheats" in 1933. During the late 1930's, Little Crow arranged for CoCo Wheats to be the sole advertiser on the "Jolly Joe" children's radio show. In the 1940's, Little Crow developed the syndicated "Happy Hank" children's radio show, which aired until television became popular.


In 1939, Little Crow developed Miracle Maize, a muffin-and-corn-bread mix that was from an earlier product known as "Little Crow Johnny Cake Flour and Cornmeal Mix". In 1962, "Country Style" was added to the Miracle Maize name to further define its old-fashioned cornmeal characteristics. In 1972, Sweet Miracle Maize was introduced. Sweet Miracle Maize offered consumers that great original cornmeal flavor lightly sweetened for richer, more modern tastes. Both bake up into large, bake-shop-quality muffins and corn bread.


By combining ingredients never before used in a breading mix, Frying Magic (as it was first named) was developed to address the chief complaints of the 1950's (and today's!) consumer: Sticks to the meat (the ordinary breading meal available prior to then simply didn't stick). No messy batter needed (the #2 complaint at that time). Seals flavor and moistness in—grease out (the first breading to prevent grease from penetrating the meat). Seasoned to perfection for a light, thin crust with a delicious taste. Good to the last ounce—no waste, no spoilage. In 1974, Frying Magic became "Fryin' Magic". All-purpose Fryin' Magic works well on anything, including vegetables, and with any cooking method—and is a best-seller for Little Crow yet today!


In 1985, Little Crow Foods originated and successfully introduced pancake mix in a bottle for today's "on-the-go" consumers. A complete, add-water-only pancake mix designed for convenience, as well as quality and taste, FastShake comes in two sizes—singles/couples (5-oz.) and families (10.5-oz.). Also great for camping and fishing trips! An added benefit: Since no eggs are used, FastShake is cholesterol-free!


Designed in 1989 to be a sister product to Fryin' Magic, Bakin' Magic was introduced to accommodate either microwave or conventional oven baking, as well as grilling. It has all of the familiar attributes of Fryin' Magic, but includes shortening to bake into a golden-brown result. In 1996, the name was changed to "Bakin' Miracle".

2003 - Little Crow Foods Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

After more than 100 years as a family-owned-and-run business, there's only one thing to say to our customers, our employees, and all the people who help bring Little Crow products to market: Thank you!

The Little Crow tradition continues on today, and we are proud to be a family business run by a husband-and-wife team. From our family to yours, we invite you to continue enjoying Little Crow's fine products in good taste and in good health.